Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Funny Kittens :)

These are pictures of my cat and her kittens. She is a proud mother of lots of kittens, and I'll show you the funniest and cutest for me :)

"Hi! I am the cutest kitten ever!
My name's Fluffy! Do you want to hug me? :)"

"Hi, my name is Tittle, because I have a tittle on my nose.
I am so cute, Am I!? :)"

Tittle and her mummy sleep together.
They are cute!

"I love laying down and sleeping on slippers :)
Especially on pink ones with mouses on them!"

I leave all comments for you!

"Hi! I am Dixy and I love sleeping with foot!
It's so comfortable, isn't it! :)"

Oh, come on! Just grab one and hug it!!!

"Do you see my tummy?"

"I want to smell you!
You smell so familiar!"

"I breast fed my kittens all night and all day long, I am sooo tired!"
Another comment: "I am a human, so I sleep like one!"




"I am soooo sleepy!!!"

Bonus videos:

To be continued...

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